Find here the latest information relating to the impact of Law 14 (Bill 96) on Fall 2023 Admissions at Champlain Saint-Lambert.

Eligibility Certificates: Access to a database that compiles the names and permanent codes of students with English eligibility certificates will be available to CEGEPs before the March 1 application deadline, Higher Education Minister Pascale Déry confirmed.

This means if you have a certificate of eligibility, you do not need to submit it to the college as part of your application.

If you are eligible but do not have a certificate on file, the Ministry of Higher Education provides guidance on how to obtain your certificate.


Note to all applicants for Fall 2023 regarding courses listed online: Please be aware that as a result of Law 14 (Bill 96) there will be changes coming to the program grids listed on our website concerning the number of French classes which will be taken over the course of your studies at Champlain.

As soon as the College has more information, we will communicate with our applicants. We thank the French and the English departments at Champlain Saint-Lambert for their collaboration and support in moving this file forward as quickly as possible.

View our complete Bill 96 FAQ here. The College will continue sharing information pertaining to Law 14 (Bill 96) as it becomes available.