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Are the courses under the Business & Industry division of Continuing Education credit or non-credit?

All courses and programs offered by the Business & Industry division of Continuing Education are non-credit.

What is the primary difference between a credit and non-credit course?

A non-credit course or program is not recognized by the Ministry of Education and does not count towards the obtention of an attestation of collegial studies (AEC) or diploma of collegial studies (DEC).  

Are non-credit courses and programs delivered in English or French?

With the exception of language courses and custom training solutions for companies, courses and programs are delivered in English.  

How are courses and programs delivered?

Delivery method is varied. You will find the delivery information on the same page as the registration for the course and or program information. 

How can I keep myself informed of upcoming courses and programs offered through Business & Industry services?

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Will I receive a transcript or certificate from my studies through Business & Industry services?

Learners who attend 80% of their courses will receive a certificate of completion. Participation requirements may be different for college certificates or professional programs. If so, this will be specified on the registration page for the college certificate or professional program.  

What is the deadline to register for a course or program?

Courses and programs have different requirements. Please refer to the page in question for more information.

How do I register for a course or program of interest?

Registration specific to your course or program of interest is normally done online. If you need assistance or are more comfortable registering in person, please contact us by telephone at 450-672-6046. We are here to help!

How do I get a refund?

Please refer to our refund policy to find out how the policy is applied to the course or program in question.   

How can I become a trainer or teacher for the Business & Industry division in Continuing Education?

If you have the desire to contribute to developing the workforce and have a particular expertise in an area related to labour market needs, please send us your cv and cover letter via email at: champlainbusiness@crcmail.net

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