Student Clubs & Association

Champlain Saint-Lambert offers a variety of ways to get involved in activities on campus.

Student Clubs

Joining one of our clubs has its major perks! Aside from meeting new students, joining a club is a great way to make the most of your college experience and to start gaining some networking opportunities.  

Student Government 

The Champlain Student Association (CSA) offers diverse services for students and advocates for student rights by; 

  • Giving a voice students 
  • Creating a link between the administration and the student body 
  • Assisting any student seeking help/advice 
  • Informing students about the College, its services, and activities
  • Enforcing the students’ safety and that their rights are being respected
  • Helping create and offer a variety of clubs 
  • Support student led projects 
  • Host and organize fun events and activities 
  • Create a sustainable way of living at the College 

The Executive Team includes roles such as;  

  • President 
  • Vice-President of Executive Affairs  
  • Vice-President of Finances   
  • Vice-President of Academic Affairs 
  • Vice-President of Activities 
  • Vice-President of Clubs and Societies 
  • Vice-President of Communications  
  • Community Involvement Officer  
  • Sustainable Development Officer 
  • Chief of Staff  

*Elections for executive roles occur at the end of the winter semester* 

The CSA’s Constitution is located on Omnivox under Student Groups – Documents and Files.   

For more information, MIO Champlain Student Association.

Follow the CSA on Instagram:

Clubs and Associations  

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a club that shows a variety of anime for its members to watch as a group and to discuss. They also branch out into different aspects of Japanese culture such as visual novels, manga, games, and other forms of media. For example, they have a friendly monthly clash of interests that relate to anime characters.

BTW (Born This Way Society)

The Born This Way Society is an all-inclusive group of people here to support LGBTQ+ and educate people related to the community. Whether you’re an ally, questioning or queer, you are welcome!  

This semester, members will have the chance to participate in activities such as an outdoor, socially distanced tie dye day, interactive Instagram quizzes, Q&As and educational posts (@bornthiswaysociety), a virtual Let’s Talk About It and drive-ins with films with good LGBTQ+ representation. The executives look forward to working together as a team to be welcoming and fun to new and/or returning students. Their doors/DMs are always open (so to speak) for suggestions for the club, advice you need or any insight you may have on activities!  

Instagram: @bornthiswaysociety 

CCMUN (Champlain College Model United Nations)  

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Champlain’s MUN club will allow students to learn about all of the above in a fun and welcoming environment.  

At MUN conferences, students will be given opportunities to practice their debating, persuasion and public speaking skills. Champlain College MUN is a great introduction to law, public policy and international relations. 

Instagram: @ChamplainmodelUN
Facebook: Champlain Model United Nations

CMS (Champlain Music Society)

The Champlain Music Society is a group of students that share a passion for the instruments, as well as music in all forms! This club targets anyone that wishes to express themselves in any way they want all while learning or playing music! 

Instagram: @champlainmusicsociety   

Code Dance Club

Code is a club for people who enjoy dancing (any genre) and want to meet others with the same passion. For this upcoming semester, students who join will be encouraged to participate in dances which will be filmed and posted on social media. There will also be many different hangouts such as workshops to allow the first and second years to get to know each other. Their main goal will be to give students the opportunity to dance and to help them meet friends with common interests. 

Instagram: @code_champlain 

Financial Independence Club

The Financial Independence Club is a platform on campus where students gather to learn about personal finance and its components: the economy, investment, credit, taxes, etc. To make personal finance fun, we organize guest speaker conferences, workshops and Bourstad stock market simulations. If you want to be more informed about your future financial decisions, for your financial benefit, join us! 

Gaming Club

This club is a place where students can play together, stream on Discord, as well as have friendly competitions all surrounding video games! 

Green Team

This group of students aim to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as promoting an eco-friendlier approach to school manners and habits in the Champlain community. 

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

This is a club where the Muslim students of Champlain can come and have a safe space to practice their religion. They hold events to promote and educate about their culture to others to enrich campus diversity. 

Instagram: @msa.champlaincollege 

Robotics Team

While the primary focus of the club is building a robot, many different skills and talents are valued as the club is about much more than just robotics! They especially look out for creative and resourceful minds to join their ranks and to flex their skills by collaborating on coming up with a central theme, then expressing that theme through building and decorating a kiosk, a short video, and a website.  

New members would join the team in designing, building, and testing the robot, kiosk, video, and website, while learning and developing new and valuable skills. The club shows off all their efforts annually at the Canadian Robotics Competition where teams from different schools spanning the country gather and celebrate the engineering spirit! 

Instagram: @champlainrobotics 

Tabletop Club

The Tabletop Club is a place where experienced and new players can come together and play fun tabletop games. They play games such as Magic the Gathering, Jenga, Uno, Cards Against Humanity and they even host Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game, the club offers ways of teaching new players how to play. Even online, the club lives on with tabletop simulators, Cards Against Humanity Online, and of course Dungeons and Dragons. 

The Blue Ink (Student Newspaper)

The Blue Ink Publishes multiple editions of their newspaper per semester. You can get involved by writing articles, creating poems and artwork, and by editing the publication. 

Art Club

Shine Club

Science Club

MEDLife Champlain

Student Involvement Recognition (SIR) Program 

Students who are involved in the iLEAD program, part of a student club or community, a Cavaliers athlete, or have completed volunteering hours on or off campus are eligible to have these hours of involvement officially recognized through the Student Involvement Recognition (SIR) Program. Champlain College Saint-Lambert in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is providing students with the opportunity to have their hours recognized on their official transcript and personal portfolios. These hours of involvement can be used to demonstrate your accomplishments to university admissions and scholarship applications. 

To be eligible for the Student Involvement Recognition Program you must: 

  • Have minimum involvement of 60 hours per semester
  • Be a full-time student during the period of involvement
  • Not be on academic probation
  • Not receive any form or compensation for your involvement

Access the Student Involvement Recognition Program Form form and submit to Student Services (Office F121).

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