What is the English Exit Exam?

The English Exit Exam, also referred to as the Ministerial Examination of College English, is an exam given by the Ministère d’Enseignement supérieur, Recherche et Science (MESRS) to all students in English colleges in Quebec. You must successfully complete the Exam in order to obtain your college diploma (D.E.C.).

The Exam is four hours long. In this time, you will read three texts provided to you. You will then choose one of the texts and write a 750-word critical essay about it.

When am I eligible to write the Exam?

Students who have completed the 101, 102 and 103 English courses are eligible to write the Exam. Students who have completed two of these courses (101 and 102 or 103) and are currently in the process of completing the third (102 or 103) are also eligible. Whether or not you have completed the B-block English course has no bearing on your eligibility to write the Exam.

Will I receive notification if I have to write the Exam? Do I have to register for the Exam?

If you are eligible to write the Exam, you will receive written notification in the mail approximately three weeks before the Exam to inform you of the date and time. To register, all eligible students must complete a form that will be posted on Omnivox.  You will then present yourself at the school on the day and time indicated.

I meet the criteria to write the Exam, but I didn’t receive notification. What should I do?

You must contact the Registrar’s Office in room F-103 or by phone at 450-672-7360 ext. 3256.

I am scheduled to write the Exam. What happens if I don’t write it?

Students who do not write the Exam on their scheduled date are not penalized. However, you will not be eligible to graduate until you have passed the Exam. This may have an effect on your admission to university.

When and where does the Exam take place?

The Exam takes place three times a year: in May, August and December. The upcoming exam dates for the next three years are available online. These dates are set by MESRS. Champlain College cannot under any circumstances change the date or time of the exam. Students who miss the exam must write it on the next date when it is offered. The Exam takes place at Champlain College.

Students must arrive at the Exam by 8:15 a.m. The Exam begins at 8:30 a.m.

Are special measures available to students requiring adapted support?

Students requiring accommodations must make the request to an Adapted Services Counsellor. You can make an appointment in Student Services.

Can I re-write the Exam if I fail?

Yes, you can re-write the Exam as many times as necessary until you pass it. Students who have already passed the Exam may not re-write it.

If I fail the Exam, will I automatically be re-registered to re-write it?

No. You must contact the Registrar’s Office in room F-103 or by phone at 450-672-7360 ext. 3256.

I previously attended a French college and passed the Exam in French. Do I have to pass it again in English?

No. Students who were registered at a French college and already passed the Exam in French do not have to pass it again in English. However, if you only ever attended an English college, you must write the Exam in English. You cannot choose which language to write it in.

How can I prepare for the Exam?

Consult MESRS’s page of Resource Materials. Champlain also holds info sessions prior to the May and December Exams; you will be informed of the date and time in the same mailing as your invitation to write the Exam.

Can I go to university if I don’t pass the Exam?

No. You must pass the Exam in order to graduate college and enter university. Students writing the Exam in August will have their Exam graded in time for the fall start date at university.

How is the Exam graded?

The Exam is graded on three criteria: comprehension and insight; organization of response; and expression. You must score at least a C on all three criteria in order to pass the exam. The final exam grade is pass/fail.

When will I receive my grade? Where will my grade appear?

Your final grade (pass/fail) will be available on your Omnivox account approximately six weeks after you write the Exam. It will also appear on your transcript. The full marks (i.e. the letter grades for each marking criteria) will be mailed to you at a later date.

Please note: Students who fail the Exam (even multiple times) will have the results of each attempt printed on their transcript.