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How to Apply for Observational Teaching Internships  

Observational teaching internships are an important part of many graduate university programs where the student is interested in working toward teaching in his or her discipline at the Cégep or university level. To support this, a limited number of internships are facilitated by the College on an annual basis. Note that due to the restrictions of collective agreements, teaching internships at the College are of the form of practicums. This means that the intern may observe classroom learning and teaching styles, often working in a limited capacity with students. Depending on the teacher and course with whom the intern is matched, the intern may be permitted to lead a component of a class lecture or assist a Champlain faculty member in delivering a course component, but the intern may not teach an entire class or course. If your internship requirements include teaching complete classes or entire courses, or if the requirements include higher expectations and a greater responsibility than what the College can provide, your application will not be accepted. 

Only students registered at a local university (i.e., McGill, Concordia, UQAM, Université de Sherbrooke, Université de Montréal, Laval, Bishops, Polytechnique Montréal, ÉTS, etc.) at the graduate level in a discipline which is offered at the College are eligible to apply for an internship. Internships are not renumerated by Champlain College Saint-Lambert. Priority is given to graduate students who require internship experience to fulfill their degree program’s teaching requirement.  

Before applying, please consult with your university to determine whether the type of internship that the College can support will be recognized by your institution.  

Required Application Process 

To apply for an internship, submit the online application and upload the supplemental materials. All documents must be submitted in a single PDF. You may apply for no more than three disciplines total. You must submit a separate online application for each internship. You may use the same set of supplemental materials for multiple applications, or you may choose to submit a separate set of supplemental materials for each application to relate your qualifications to a particular discipline.  

Internship Application Materials: 

  • Cover letter describing your academic interests and reasons for seeking a position in a discipline. Your letter must overtly state the nature of internship that you are seeking and must recognize that teaching internships that the College offers are largely observational in nature and are not remunerated by the College. Your letter will be reviewed by several people, and a general salutation (such as “Dear Selection Committee”) is appropriate. If you are interested in applying for a specific course that is offered by a discipline, please indicate your interest in your cover letter. 
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty who is conversant with your work, emailed by the writer directly to (This letter can also be addressed to the “Selection Committee.”) 
  • Any supporting documentation from your university that explains the nature and expectations of the internship as per their requirements. 


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