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Online learning and Accommodations

The CCSI (Centre Collégial de Soutien à l’Intégration) has created a PowerPoint with suggestions and best practices to use for students registered with the SAC and who require accommodations.

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Individualized accommodations are not designed to give SAC students an advantage over other students, to alter a fundamental aspect of the course, nor to weaken academic rigor. The goal of accommodations is to compensate for documented deficits and to give SAC students an equitable access to their learning environment.

Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time in the assessment and evaluation of learning;
  • The use of a quiet room;
  • The use of special software or equipment;
  • Specialized assistance from another person;
  • Adapted forms of evaluation tasks;
  • Note taking and in-class assistance.
  • A letter is sent to you at the beginning of each semester as a reminder that you might have SAC students in your class. With this letter, you will be reminded about our services and guided on how to access your SAC students’ accommodations.
  • If the exam is in the SAC, we need to book invigilators 3 days in advance.
  • Please confirm the following in Lea as soon as possible:
  • Verify the start and end time of the test done in class (duration);
  • Write (in comment section) whether the student will be writing the test in the SAC or if they will be writing their test with you (please refer to student(s) list of accommodations);
  • If test is supervised by the SAC, please provide clear instructions for student and invigilator;
  • Indicate how we should reach you if the student(s) have questions during the test (mio, email, etc);
  • If the test is supervised by the SAC, please provide how the test will be delivered and let us know when we will receive a copy. These are the following ways:
    1. 1. PDF/word format via mio/email
    2. 2. Hand deliver at the SAC
    3. 3. SAC mailboxUpon student completion of the exam, exams will be delivered to your mailbox on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Note: please do not cancel a request made by a student unless the test is cancelled in class.

SAC Students’ confidentiality

In order to respect students’ confidentiality, we cannot disclose the nature of a condition, or diagnosis. Whether students wish to disclose this information to you remains their decision at all times.