Black Lives Allyship Mission & Multicultural Crew

These student groups promote the importance of diversity and advocacy on campus.

Each year, the Multicultural Community (MCC) and Black Lives Ally Mission (BLAM) student groups organize a variety of events such as Black History Month, Multicultural Week(s), Cultural Tours and many more, to promote the importance of diversity and sense of community on campus. 

Black Lives Allyship Mission

BLAM was created by our MCC (Multicultural Crew) with the mission of expanding an ALLYship network dedicated to celebrate and honor black culture, advocate for black lives, and influence positive change in our community. We offer enriching programming with the goal of stimulating the intellectual, political, cultural and social growth of our Champlain community such as Black History Month events and Let’s Get Real discussion forums. We accomplish this while having fun and building community. Please note that the BLAM allyship network needs representation from as many students from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds as possible to promote an inclusive college as we stand united in the quest for inclusion, equity and justice for all. 

For more information or to get involved, please contact the club members on Instagram: @Blamchamplain 


Multicultural Community

MCC was created by students for students with the goal of celebrating the cultural diversity that exists within the Champlain College Community.  MCC believes in creating a space to explore and learn about the unique cultural realities that our students experience by inspiring thought-provoking discussions and outreach programming.  These types of culture relevant issues and educational outreach activities will be provided through the “Let’s Get Real” open forum discussions, black history month initiatives, informational kiosks and Festivals in collaboration with staff and faculty.  Through these outreach efforts, MCC hopes to promote understanding and respect for our differences in order to strengthen a sense of community and belonging for all.  

For more information or to get involved, please contact the club members on Instagram: @mcc.champlaincsl

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