Welcome to Champlain
College Saint-Lambert

I invite you to take full advantage of the Saint-Lambert experience. At Champlain, we firmly believe that not all learning occurs inside the classroom.

Student success is more than academics. We define it as a holistic sense of fulfillment which prioritizes student development, personal growth and progress towards a student’s individual goals. There are numerous academic, social and athletic activities at Champlain which will increase the quality of your CÉGEP experience and help you toward achieving those goals.

It’s up to you to choose what you put into and get out of your years at the college. If you take advantage of the many resources and services that we have available for you, you will develop the necessary skills and abilities that will prepare you well for university or for a career.

Welcome to Champlain Saint-Lambert.

Don Shewan
Constituent College Director

Our Size Is Our Strength

Champlain College Saint-Lambert is a constituent of Champlain Regional College, located on the South Shore of Montreal within a short 10-minute walk from the Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke Métro station. The constituent College offers both pre-university and technical DEC programs through the regular division as well as attestation of studies (AEC), recognition of acquired competencies courses (RAC), and non-credit courses and activities through the Continuing Education Department. There are approximately 3,000 students enrolled at Saint-Lambert.

Saint-Lambert students come from diverse cultural backgrounds and speak various languages, which provides the constituent College with a friendly, enriching, and multicultural environment where students meet new people and live new experiences. At Saint-Lambert, we believe our size is our strength. Teachers can take the time to get to know their students and give them personal attention and feedback. Students also have easier access to a variety of support services, such as tutoring, counselling, academic advising, library services, and athletics, to name a few.

Discover the Campus


Champlain Regional College is a public, English-language, post-secondary institution that provides pre- university and technical college-level education and training, primarily in English, to learners in both Regular Day and Continuing Education programs. The College, through its unique multiregional structure, responds to the needs of diverse linguistic and cultural communities and contributes to the educational and socio-economic development of the regions of Quebec served by Champlain College Lennoxville, Champlain College Saint-Lambert and Champlain–St. Lawrence College.

The College is dedicated to fostering the individual success of its students and their development as well-rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world.


The College values:

LIFELONG LEARNING for students, faculty and staff through personal growth and professional development;

EXCELLENCE through striving for continuous improvement;

RESPECT for all individuals, manifested through open communications and a commitment to fairness, justice and honesty;

CARING through compassion, courtesy and friendliness and a commitment to the wellness of students, faculty and staff;

COLLABORATION in the achievement of shared goals and objectives;

STEWARDSHIP through the responsible and effective use of human, physical, environmental and financial resources; and

A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND TRADITION within and among all locations of the College.


The Board of Governors is the ultimate decision-making body at Champlain Regional College and is comprised of government appointees, elected College employees and representatives from the student and parent body. The Board of Governors delegates to the Director General the accountability for its performance and operation. Specifically, the Board of Governors sets strategic and governance policy, establishes Champlain Regional College’s mission and vision, and monitors the manner in which policies and decisions are implemented.

The Board of Governors’ main duties are:

  • Establishing appropriate governance structures to oversee the operations at Champlain Regional College.
  • Approving the Director General strategic directions and outcomes within the context of the appropriate laws, public policy, and needs of the labour market and community.
  • Approving Champlain Regional College’s annual business plan, budget, and annual report.
  • Hiring the Director General and evaluating the Director General’s performance.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Board.

Collectively, the external members bring a wide range of skill and experience in education, finance, public affairs, governance, legal affairs, community relations and management to help Champlain Regional College achieve its strategic objectives.

Student Life

Champlain offers a variety of ways to get involved. Joining one of our clubs has its major perks! Aside from meeting new students, joining a club is a great way to make the most of your college experience and to start gaining some networking opportunities.