Career Planning

Some students come to CEGEP with an idea of what they want to do and which career path they want to pursue; but there are many students who are unsure or who feel confused about which path to take. Career planners are here to guide students through this process by incorporating the following strategies.

Standardized tests

To help students gain a more concrete view/understanding of their interests and personality and to clarify which career fields might suit them.

Researching careers

Students will learn the strategies needed to be able to thoroughly explore a career.


A dialogue will occur throughout the whole process so the student is able to fully comprehend what all of this means.


To help students get to know their strengths, weaknesses, interests, passions, work values, as well as what are other influences in making this decision.

Students seeking career planning services for the first time will participate in a group workshop. They can then meet with a career planner individually to continue their exploration. Students can sign up by sending a MIO message to Student Services.

Students can also research information about careers on various websites. Students must go to the Omnivox homepage and click on the ‘Career Planning’ link under the ‘Student Groups’ category on the right side.

Finally, if students have a quick question relating to career exploration, they can send a MIO message to ‘Career Counsellor’.

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