Program Overview


Duration: Varies according to each candidate’s experience and availability

Info session: Set up an online appointment with the Pedagogical Advisor at


Dates: Primarily Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons

Start date: TBD

Admission: Ongoing admission


RAC services in Computer Science Technology – NSA are offered for the 19 program specific competencies (divided into compulsory common core and specific competencies). Thirteen of the competencies are compulsory competencies and six are specific to our educational institution.

Compulsory Common Core Competencies

  • 0000 Analyze information about working in the field of computer science technology
  • 00Q1 Install and manage computers
  • 00Q2 Use programming languages
  • 00Q3 Solve computer-related problems using mathematics
  • 00Q4 Use office productivity software
  • 00Q5 Deploy a local computer network
  • 00Q6 Use an object-oriented development approach
  • 00Q7 Use a database management system
  • 00Q8 Carry out prevention operations with regard to information security
  • 00SE Interact in a professional setting
  • 00SF Evaluate software and hardware components
  • 00SG Provide users with technical support
  • 00SH Adapt to information technologies

College Specific Competencies

  • 00SJ Deploy intranet servers
  • 00SK Deploy Internet servers
  • 00SM Deploy computer inter-networking devices
  • 00SN Automate computer network management tasks
  • 00SP Monitor computer networks
  • 00SQ Collaborate on the design of a computer network

General Education Competencies

  • 4 English
  • 2 French
  • 3 Physical Education
  • 3 Humanities
  • 2 Complementary

If you completed another DEC before, your General Education competencies will be used as substitutions. These competencies are offered online through our collaboration with John Abbott or Maisonneuve College, except for the complementary competencies which are offered online at Champlain College.

RAC Process

Learn more about the RAC process.

Although not an admission requirement, please see the new French-language requirements for DEC programs in English.


Maximum $575*

*There are no additional fees to use online resources, receive support from content specialists, or to attend seminars and work sessions. Maximum cost is only applicable to Quebec residents.

Further details

To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

  • $30 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • $45 for a necessary file analysis (non-refundable)
  • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500)

Maximum total: $575

Please note that the fees above include all activities related to the RAC services. No additional fees have to be paid to:

  • Attend a seminar on a specific topic
  • Consult the online resources
  • Participate in job preparation activities
  • Participate in expert-led group activities

An additional $45 file analysis fee will apply if a candidate desires to change program.



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