New Student Orientation

Find here information for new students beginning their journey at Champlain.

First Year Student Orientation And Seminars 

First year students are invited and encouraged to participate in the 1st Year Orientation and Seminars that start the week before class and continue until Labour day weekend. Students will have the opportunity to meet the student FLIP (First Year Leadership Integration Program) team & CSA (Champlain Student Association) representatives, be introduced to the staff and offerings in Student Services, meet faculty and better understand the demands and expectations of academic courses. They will have the chance to be acquainted with Library services and meet an Academic Advisor from the Registrar’s office to understand better the ins and outs of the College academic process.

It is also an opportunity to meet new friends or catch up with students from your former High School. The orientation is hosted by 2nd and 3rd year Champlain students in a social and community setting where questions are encouraged in hopes of helping newly admitted students to better understand and appreciate the resources and social opportunities available to them. 

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