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Students can see the on-campus nurse two days per week.

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Nurse Joanne Poirier is on campus and available to see students two days per week. 

She accepts appointments on Monday and Wednesday between 9AM and 5PM. 

Her office is located in room F-143. 

Appointments can be booked at the Student Services office F-121 or MIO Student Services. 

What services does the on-campus nurse offer?

  • Contraceptive prescription 
  • Morning after pill (Plan B)
  • Pregnancy test 
  • STI testing 
  • General health information 
  • Healthy lifestyle questions

If you cannot get an appointment with the campunurse, the Quebec government has created the The Primary Care Access Point (Guichet d’accès à la première ligne, GAP) which helps people without a family doctor to obtain a medical consultation or a health service.

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Mental Health & Counselling

Champlain Saint-Lambert has on-campus mental health support available to students. Find out more here.

Mental Health Services
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