Program Overview

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HR Support Specialist

Start date: October 14th, 2024

End date: TBD

Information session: Ongoing and one-on-one, based on appointment (online via Zoom)


Mode of delivery: Online
Hours: Full-time


The HR Support Specialist AEC program is primarily directed at those who are looking to enter the workforce in the administrative field with a specialty in Human Resources, who are re-entering the workforce, or who are changing career paths.

The program aims to give individuals the ability to provide administrative support in the various areas of human resources management in a bilingual work environment subject to frequent change. More specifically, the HR Support Specialist will acquire the skills to

  • assist the manager in the staffing process;
  • effectively use common software for a human resources environment;
  • apply the compensation procedure;
  • perform payroll operations;
  • participate in the application of the health and safety at work policy;
  • ensure the administrative management of the training;
  • maintain employee records;
  • assist the manager in the application and the respect of the laws related to the management of the human resources;
  • contribute to the management of the working relations

Targeted Clientele

The HR Support Specialist AEC program is aimed primarily at individuals who are not currently working, who meet the admission criteria, and who wish to pursue a career in a sector that offers excellent long-term career prospects. It should also be noted that the work functions for this career require strong communication and interpersonal skills. Individuals who work in this field generally have the aptitudes to work independently and adapt to a variety of work situations.


The Human Resources Support Specialist Program consists of sixteen (13) credit courses and one (1) non-credit course, for a total of 810 hours.

Credit courses:

  • 410-005-LA    Introduction to Organizational Structure and HRM  – 60 Hours
  • 410-160-LA    Information Technology for Human Resources  – 90 Hours
  • 350-101-LA    Communication & Interpersonal skills  – 75 Hours
  • 410-063-LA    Legal Aspect of Human Resources Management – 45 Hours
  • 410-031-LA    Recruitment, Selection and Hiring – 60 Hours
  • 410-032-LA    Compensation and Employee Benefits – 45 Hours
  • 410-107-LA    Introduction to Accounting – 60 Hours
  • 410-106-LA    Payroll Processing – 45 Hours
  • 602-105-LA    Revising French Business Texts – 45 Hours
  • 410-043-LA    Employee Training – 45 Hours
  • 410-053-LA    Labour Relations – 45 Hours
  • 410-054-LA    Occupational Health and Safety – 45 Hours
  • 410-600-LA    Internship – 150 Hours

Admission Requirements

College Requirements

  1. Conversational French. The student’s level of competency will be assessed during the interview.
  2. English language skills deemed sufficient for college-level English Instruction. Students will be required to take an English language  admission exam.
  3. Prospective candidates will be asked to submit curriculum vitae (CV) and may be interviewed prior to admission to the Program to verify their qualifications.
  4. Potential candidates may be required to take an appropriate remedial course(s).

Ministerial Requirements

You are eligible to register in a program if you are a:

  • Canadian Citizen or
  • Permanent Resident or
  • Holder of a valid Student Visa

And you can provide proof of previous studies deemed acceptable by the College, for example:

  • A Quebec Secondary V Diploma or a Diploma of Secondary Studies or equivalent scholarity or
  • A College Diploma or a University Degree or
  • An “Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec” or
  • Partial high school studies, coupled with a recommendation from a current or former employer that you would benefit from pursuing your education at the post-secondary level.

And you meet one of the following three conditions:

  • You have not been a full-time student for at least two consecutive terms or one school year within the last 12 months.
  • You are part of an agreement between the College and an employer, or you are sponsored within the terms of a government program (for example: CSST, Emploi-Québec).
  • You have completed at least one year of post-secondary studies spread over a period of one year or more.

Although not an admission requirement, please see the new French-language requirements for AEC programs in English.


For more information on the fees for residents and non-residents of Québec and international students, please click here.

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