Program Overview


Duration: 4 to 12 months*

*Duration varies according to each candidate’s experience and availability.


Mode of delivery: Online

Start date: TBD

Admissions: Ongoing admissions

Individual schedule: Saturdays and some Tuesday evenings (approximately 1 year)

The individual schedule can also be customized to meet each candidate’s needs.


The Specialist in Transportation and Logistics AEC (LCA.DS) is made of 23 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies:

  • AP72/73 Vendre des produits / services dans un établissement commercial
  • AP31/32 Jobs & geography in transportation & logistics
  • AP75 Business communication
  • AP34 Français
  • AP67 Purchasing & inventory control
  • AP35 Manage road transport
  • AP33/36 North american transportation
  • AP68/38 International transport management
  • AP39/40/76 Warehouse management
  • AP79 Math & Accounting for T&L
  • AP70/71 Import-export processes
  • AP37 Process information and data using spreadsheet software in transportation and logistics
  • 00NE/AP78 Supply chain management / environmental issues and innovations in T&L
  • AP69 Transporting, storing and handling dangerous goods & specialized transports
  • AP74 Job/internship

RAC Process

Learn more about the RAC process.

Although not an admission requirement, please see the new French-language requirements for AEC programs in English.


Maximum $575*

*There are no additional fees to use online resources, receive support from content specialists, or to attend seminars and work sessions. Maximum cost is only applicable to Quebec residents.

Further Details

To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

  • $30 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • $45 for a necessary file analysis (non-refundable)
  • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500)

Maximum total: $575

Please note that the fees above include all activities related to the RAC services. No additional fees have to be paid to:

  • Attend a seminar on a specific topic
  • Consult the online resources
  • Participate in job preparation activities
  • Participate in expert-led group activities

An additional $45 file analysis fee will apply if a candidate desires to change program.


Click here to access the online resources for this program.


Victoria Charest

Natalie Dallaire

Diane McNeil McFarlane

Elizabeth Gomez (English)

Elizabeth Gomez (Spanish)

Continuing Education – F-151
Champlain College Saint-Lambert
900 Riverside Drive
Saint-Lambert, Québec
J4P 3P2