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Your questions about the admissions process answered.

What does conditional acceptance mean?

If your acceptance letter says that you were given “conditional acceptance,” it means that you must fulfill the specific conditions indicated on your letter.  It is your responsibility to provide the College with proof that you met these conditions.

Do I have to send my final high school grades to Champlain?

If you received an acceptance AND passed all your high school courses AND obtained your diploma, you do not have to send us your final grades. We will obtain them directly from the Ministry of Education.

However, you must send us your final grades and proof of graduation if you fall into one of these categories:

  • you failed one or more high school courses and are re-writing the exam(s) or re-taking the course(s)
  • you received conditional acceptance

In these cases, you must send your grades by mail, by email ( or in person at the Registrar’s Office.

What happens if I fail a high school course and/or I don't get my high school diploma?

Your acceptance may be revoked if (a) you fail a high school course and do not receive your high school diploma as a result, or (b) you fail a course that is a pre-requisite for your program, even if you still receive your high school diploma. Students who do not meet the pre-requisites for a program, but who have a high school diploma, may be accepted into their second choice program where space permits.

If you fail a course and are re-writing the exam or re-taking the course, it is your responsibility to inform us and to provide us with your final grades and proof of graduation.

What do you mean by "Final Grades and Proof of Graduation"?

This means that we need a letter from your school indicating that you have received a passing grade in the course(s) in question and that you meet the requirements for a high school diploma. Please note that, while this letter will suffice to allow you to begin your Cégep courses, final acceptance will not be given until we receive your grades and proof of graduation directly from the Ministry of Education.

Questions about Bill 96/Law 14?

Visit the Bill 96/Law 14 FAQ.

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