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At Champlain, there are plenty of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Program (iLEAD) 

The iLEAD leadership program was developed based on the Social Change Model, which uses an inclusive values-based approach to leadership development. The I-LEAD program was therefore designed to offer you; the student, a variety of opportunities to explore and develop your own personal leadership potential. The iLEAD program is designed to be accessible to you regardless of whether you are currently in a leadership role on campus or have had leadership experience in the past.

The iLead program identifies leadership development from three different perspectives as outlined by the Social Change Model.

The Individual: Develop consciousness of “self” by knowing oneself, or to be more self-aware and mindful. The development of this value is fundamental to realizing all other values in the model.

The Group: Foster a collaborative leadership process to effect positive social change.

The Community/Society: Understand that leadership development transcends to result in better social relations within communities, across societies and on a global scale. Learning to approach differences with an integrative and collaborative philosophy.

In essence, the iLead program offers a “values-based” approach to leadership development that differs from the traditional view that there are leaders and followers. “The ultimate aim of leadership development programs based on the proposed model would be to prepare a new generation of leaders who understand that they can act as leaders to effect change without necessarily being in traditional leadership positions of power and authority.”

(Higher Education Research Institute (Social Change Model of Leadership (3rd ed Los Angeles: Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA, 1996, p. 12) 

For general inquiries, contact to learn more about Champlain’s leadership program.

What can the iLead Leadership Program offer?

The I-LEAD program offers you a rich array of leadership skills building opportunities geared towards experiential learning through workshops, leadership seminars, leadership retreats, student competitions, mentorship and leadership groups. 

The leadership training workshops and seminars are designed to enhance self-knowledge and leadership competence. Leadership workshops and training seminars address themes such as self-awareness, communication skills building, conflict resolution, understanding group development and dynamics, public speaking, inspiring others, leading a project, and identifying your own leadership style, to name a few. 

What type of recognition can I get for being part of iLead?

Through your involvement in the leadership program, you will have the opportunity to receive a leadership certificate at the Student Engagement Gala. 

You will also be eligible to have these hours of involvement recognized on your official student transcript under student engagement through the Student Involvement Program (SIP).   Criteria: Student must demonstrate involvement in the iLead program as well as outreach activities on and off-campus throughout their college experience.

How Can I Join?

You must first join a leadership group on campus as the experiential learning component of the program. Through outreach activities and programming on and off campus, you will have an opportunity to implement the leadership competencies learned and apply them within a team context. By being part of a team you will learn to navigate group dynamics in effort to effect change on a larger scale all while creating a sense of community with your peers. In summary, leadership groups will allow you to impact your learning on all three spheres of the Social Change Model. 

Review the comprehensive list of involvement opportunities and reach out to the leadership group of your choice by accessing the Student Involvement Opportunities document located on our Champlain Saint Lambert website under Student Life.

Leadership Communities 

Below are the involvement opportunities provided by the Leadership Program (iLEAD). We hope this information can help you make a choice about where to get involved and find a community and develop your leadership skills at Champlain College Saint-Lambert! Additionally the Leadership Program provides opportunities for new initiatives.

Reach out via email at 

BLAM (Black Lives Allyship Mission)

BLAM (Black Lives Allyship Mission) is created by our MCC (Multicultural Crew) with the mission of expanding an ALLYship network dedicated to celebrate and honor black culture, advocate for black lives, and influence positive change in our community. We offer enriching programming with the goal of stimulating the intellectual, political, cultural and social growth of our Champlain community. We accomplish this while having fun and building community. Please note that the BLAM allyship network needs representation from as many students from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds as possible to promote an inclusive college as we stand united in the quest for inclusion, equity and justice for all.  
For more information, please MIO Wanita Jones. 

Cavaliers Sport Teams

The Cavaliers Sports Teams are a big part of the school’s representation off-campus and are an amazing opportunity for athletically inclined students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills all while having fun playing their sport. With a wide variety of sports offered every season, the Cavaliers are a crucial part to student life at Champlain and give students a good reason to get together and demonstrate their school pride!  

For more information, please MIO Vincent Amato. 

Cavaliers Game Staff

The Cavaliers game staff is an opportunity to work at the Cavaliers games and to be part of the athletics team. They prepare the material, enhance the student experience at home games and support the Cavaliers during at home games. 

For more information, please MIO Vincent Amato. 

Champlain Student Association

The Champlain Student Association provides students the ability to hold positions in several executive roles.
There are several additional involvement and leadership opportunities provided by the CSA, such as becoming an executive member of the various clubs and association, as well as, assistant positions. 

For more information, MIO Champlain Student Association.

Champlain Running Club (Défi Pierre Lavoie)

Champlain’s Running Club is made for everyone, from beginner to experienced, everyone can participate! CRC provides support, advice and allows a connection and sharing of experiences with Champlain’s running community. 

For more information, contact Student Services.


The student leaders of the FLIP Leadership Program (FLIP) are responsible for providing services, resources and support to students transitioning into college life. FLIP leaders help create a well-rounded college experience as it relates to successful academics, positive social experiences and a healthy lifestyle. FLIP Leaders are ambassadors of the FLIP program and Champlain College as a whole. Hosting meetings once a week, FLIP puts together “crews” or teams of students that work on various projects at the college. Some of these include volunteering off campus, helping to distribute Holiday baskets from a local elementary school, Night on Campus to give students the opportunity to make new connections, taking part in mental health week, and club fairs as well as being the first call for volunteers at almost every event on campus.   

A recently developed branch of Flip was started in 2020 entitled FlipIt (Flip Integration Trio). It is a trio because the program is three-fold. The first being the FlipIT Guide Program that pairs first-years with returning students in order to provide a more fluid transition into college life. The second are integration events, such as Night on Campus; and the third are workshops that assist students to excel in their CEGEP academic career. The workshops themes range from stress management to note taking and everything in between!  

Sign-ups for the FlipIT guide program occur at the beginning of the Fall semester on your Omnivox account. 

For more information, please MIO Sheila Barranqueiro 

Volunteer Crew

The volunteer crew is led by student leaders who are passionate about reaching out to communities in need of help and support.  Members would join in on these amazing volunteering and community outreach opportunities on and off campus.  

For more information, please MIO Sheila Barranqueiro 

Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Committee’s focus is to promote positive health and wellbeing within the Champlain College Community. The committee of students organize events, activities and campaigns throughout the year with the goal of inspiring students to live a healthy, active lifestyle as well as focusing on their mental health. 

For more information, please MIO Bouny Te 

Indigenous Student Ambassadors

The Indigenous Student Ambassador Program was created by Indigenous students from Kahnawà:ke who wanted to support fellow Indigenous students studying in post-secondary education in Quebec. Their goal is to provide ongoing support and mentorship as well as host workshops and in-class presentations during the year. 

The Indigenous Student Community Centre at Champlain College was established to provide a community space for students/staff/faculty to meet for mentorship, support & Cultural identity within a larger community. This beautiful space can be found on the second floor of the College beside the Faculty lounge (C-205). 

Students interested in receiving additional information are encouraged to MIO Jennifer Kanerahtorónkwas Paul.

Math Club

Work on fun and challenging mathematics problems! Prepare for and participate in one of the national and international mathematics contests at Champlain College this semester!

For more information and/or for the Zoom link and passcode, contact Michele Titcombe by MIO or by email at 

MCC (Multi-Cultural Community)

The MCC was created by students for students with the goal of celebrating the cultural diversity that exists within the Champlain College Community.  The MCC believes in creating a space to explore and learn about the unique cultural realities that our students experience by inspiring thought-provoking discussions and outreach programming.   Through these outreach efforts, the MCC hopes to promote understanding and respect for our differences in order to strengthen a sense of community and belonging for all. 

For more information, please MIO Wanita Jones.

Mental Health Crew

This is a student-led group promoting awareness and education about mental health issues. Members organize activities and campaigns on campus to raise awareness, share resources and engage the Champlain community on this topic. 

For more information, please MIO Debra Polomeno. 

Voices of Champlain

Voices of Champlain’s mission is to increase a sense of community by bringing awareness to the inspirational events and programs brought to you by your fellow students. Voices of Champlain strives to represent the beauty, diversity and unity of the Champlain community through various multimedia platforms.  

For more information, please MIO Sheila Barranqueiro. 

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