Students seeking academic support can benefit from the host of resources designed to aid students on their path to success. 

tutoring session

The Learning Centre is located on the second floor of the library in Room B-309.  This centre provides free individual peer tutoring (both in-person and online) with appointments or through the drop-in service.  

Tutors are skilled in many disciplines such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Biology, Physics, Psychology, Economics and many others.  In addition to instruction on course content, tutors of The Learning Centre are also skilled in helping students with general academic strategies such as text analysis, study skills, time management, work habits, exam preparation, applicable websites for practice, video tutorials and computer access availability.   

It is always suggested that students speak first with their best resource, their classroom teacher.  Getting an appointment with a tutor at The Learning Centre is as easy as following The Three C’s: Choose the time and date.  Consider the areas to focus on in the appointment.  Commit to being there on time and ready to learn. 

Students can book an appointment at https://clctutoring.ca   

For further information, please MIO Doreen Kelly      

The Writing Centre

The Champlain College Writing Centre is affiliated with the English Department and The Learning Centre. The Centre provides peer tutoring to students in need of help and guidance with all aspects of academic writing and English communication. Specifically, writing tutors provide support and feedback with all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, paragraph- or essay-writing, as well as proofreading and revision.  Tutors also help students recognize grammar, syntax, and word choice issues.

Students can book an appointment here.

Centre de ressources en français   

The Centre de ressources en français (CRF) offers students individualized coaching services in which students and their coach determine what to cover based on the students’ needs and goals.  These coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the students, using the materials and resources provided by the CRF.  The CRF coaches are students with solid language skills, enrolled in advanced level French courses, and are supervised by a French teacher.   

Students can book an appointment at https://crfcoaching.com/home 

Centre de ressources en français   

Le Centre de ressources en français (CRF) offre aux élèves un service de coaching individualisé dans le cadre duquel ils devront se fixer, avec leur coach, des objectifs à atteindre pour améliorer une ou des lacunes en français. Des séquences d’enseignement adaptées aux besoins particuliers des élèves sont créées à l’aide du matériel et des ressources fournies. Les coachs du CRF sont des élèves provenant des cours de français de niveau avancé et sont supervisé.e.s par un.e professeur.e de français.

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