Student Schedule

Obtaining your schedule is a two-step process.

STEP 1: Submit your course preferences

An academic advisor looks at each student’s progression grid individually to determine which courses you should take each semester. All new students must log in to their Omnivox account once between the scheduled dates to view the courses that have been selected for them by an advisor and, in certain cases, to indicate the subject matter that they would prefer for a particular course (e.g. Phys. Ed.). If you do not want to take a full course load and/or you have questions about your progression grid, this is the time to speak to an advisor!

Call the Registrar’s Office at 450-672-7360 ext. 3256.

STEP 2: Retrieve your schedule

Once you complete Step 1, you will be assigned a schedule. Then, you must log in to your Omnivox account at least once between the scheduled dates to view the schedule. Viewing your schedule serves as confirmation that you will be attending Champlain in the coming semester. If alternate schedules are possible, they will appear below your schedule; you can choose one of those if you prefer it to your original schedule. Since other students will also be choosing alternate schedules during this time, the alternate schedules that are available to you can change throughout the course of the day and the week. Therefore, you can log in up to 15 times a day during this period to look for (and choose) alternate schedules.

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