Mercy Miguel and Weidong Yang, students in the Continuing Education Specialist in Transportation and Logistics Program, took part to the 71st Annual Congress of the Association du Camionnage du Québec (ACQ) along with their teacher at Champlain College Saint-Lambert, Michael Loughman.

This event took place in Quebec City from April 25 to 27 and brought together more than 650 people of the sector around the theme Shaping the landscape of tomorrow together.

Miguel was honoured with the $500 François-Rouette-Cain Lamarre award and Yang received the $1,000 Desjardins Caisse des Transports award.

Both were selected by their teachers based on their participation in class, marks and willingness to learn.

Some 30 students from different vocational schools, CEGEPs and universities receive each year awards thanks to the Fondation pour la formation professionnelle en transport routier de marchandises du Québec and its partners.

“I gained valuable knowledge and information about the truck transportation industry in Quebec, got to know some people in related industries, and had some communications with students from other schools,” said Weidong.

“What a great event! The students were treated like royalty,’’ added Professor Loughman. “The Fondation does a great job building interest in trucking as a career.”

Thanh Huyen Nguyen, a recent Continuing Education grad from Champlain’s Transportation and Logistics program, was chosen by her teachers as the most deserving to receive the $1,000 award from the Club des professionnels du Transport du Québec (CPTQ), sponsored by the placement agency in the transport sector Manucam.

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