Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud to host the SC Connect 2023 Conference on
Thursday May 25, 8:30 AM to 4 PM.

Our conference theme for 2023 is focused on mental health and wellbeing. Now is the time for us to Reflect, Restore and
Re-Imagine new ways to move forward.

What changes and perspectives are needed to instill hope and create a new vision?

A One Day Conference on Special Needs.

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SCC Conference 2023 – Schedule

In Search of Well-being – Moving From Chaos to Advocacy

Sharon McCarry, President, Executive Director and
Colm McCarry’s Mom

Join in our keynote’s inspiring story of determination and persistence: how she moved from chaos and crisis to becoming an advocate and leader in the field of autism. Sharon’s son was diagnosed with neurodiversity and autism as a child and thus began a journey of career change, discovery, and intentional partnerships. A long journey towards well-being. Listen to what becomes possible when care and commitment is what motivates you.

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SC Connect 2023