SC Connect 2023

A One-Day Conference Focused on Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud to host the SC Connect 2023 Conference on
Thursday May 25, 8:30 AM to 4 PM.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” -Leonard Cohen.

Our conference theme for 2023 is focused on mental health and wellbeing. Now is the time for us to Reflect, Restore and
Re-Imagine new ways to move forward.

What changes and perspectives are needed to instill hope and create a new vision?

A One Day Conference on Special Needs.

Co-chaired by

Laura Malbogat and Marlon Sanches

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SCC Conference 2023 – Schedule


In Search of Well-being – Moving From Chaos to Advocacy

Sharon McCarry, President, Executive Director and
Colm McCarry’s Mom

Join in our keynote’s inspiring story of determination and persistence: how she moved from chaos and crisis to becoming an advocate and leader in the field of autism. Sharon’s son was diagnosed with neurodiversity and autism as a child and thus began a journey of career change, discovery, and intentional partnerships. A long journey towards well-being. Listen to what becomes possible when care and commitment is what motivates you.

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Session 1: What To Do In Moments Of Crisis? TAKE ACTION.

In this workshop, participants will learn to identify signs of
distress, what actions to take in case of imminent suicidal
risk. Through case studies and dynamic interaction,
participants will explore strategies to encourage
self-regulation and how to take care of ourselves in such

Workshop Leaders

Josianne Richard & Amanda Calderon
Tracom: Crisis Center

Session 2: Strategies And Interventions To Address Youth Mental Health

This workshop will help participants to gain confidence in
addressing youth mental health. Terms, tools and
strategies for direct interventions will also be presented
to identify critical stressors to better help youth better.
Additionally, participants will explore their own
understandings of mental health and their stressors.
Particular attention will be paid to caregiving and how
this too impacts mental health.

Workshop Leaders

Tony Alfonso, Oliver Fitzpatrick & Natalie Boileau

Session 3: Universal Design For Learning (UDL) and Student Wellbeing

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that
guides the design of instructional goals, methods,
materials, and assessments while keeping the diversity of
learners in mind. UDL promotes student health &
wellbeing and supports diverse student populations.
Participants will acquire understanding of how UDL
promotes mental health support through flexible
approaches and design. Participants will engage with
case studies and examples.

Workshop Leader

Anna Barrafato
Concordia University

Session 4: Adapting Practices In Mental Health Through Listening

Is it what an individual experiencing depression, anxiety,
stress, or inherent autistic traits? Participants will explore
the major mental health challenges faced by autistic
individuals and how their voices have informed recent
research. Through an interactive and revealing
presentation, participants will engage in discussion, share
experiences and discover who to enhance the autistic
experience and coexist to make the world a better place.

Workshop Leaders

Eithne Sheeran & Datevig Etyemezian
Centre of Excellence Lester B. Pearson School Board

Session 5: Boundaries And Barriers: The Dark Side Of Mental Health & Well-being

We all carry backpacks full of stories. A backpack can
sometimes be filled with sadness, regret, shame,
embarrassment, disappointment, and judgement. Each
of these weighs us down. In this workshop, participants
will learn to identify how these stories can encourage
and support their wellbeing or contribute to stress and
burnout. Through self-reflection, they will explore how
to better protect their mental health and well-being.

Workshop Leaders

Laura Malbogat
Conference Consultant for Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Session 6: How Trauma Informed Care Can Improve Autistic Mental Health

This workshop will explore the principles of trauma
informed care and its importance to improve autistic
mental health. While autism and PTSD can look similar
from the outside, there are some crucial differences to
consider. Explore how they overlap and their
similarities. Acquiring more knowledge about PTSD will
deepen participants’ understanding of autism and
discover effective tools and strategies to support
autistic individuals.

Workshop Leaders

Rania Jellazi
Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Session 7: A Guide To Support Well-being In A Covid-19 Adaptive Society

Throughout the pandemic frontline workers have been
overtasked and experienced burn-out. This workshop will
provide frontline workers with tools to engage in effective
self-care and well-being habits. We will introduce useful
self-care techniques, resources, toolkits, and applications
and engage attendees in various self-care activities such
as Sensory Toolkits, Meditation, Reflective and Thought
Journalling with the purpose to promote optimal self-care
and well-being to cultivate resiliency.

Workshop Leaders

Kristofer Brown, Sarah Zreim & Jen Hinkkala
McGill University

Session 8: Be Informed & Know The Difference – Choose Effective Interventions

NVLD (Non-Verbal Learning Disorder) is often
misunderstood as ADHD, ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome
and/or persistent socioemotional challenges (anxiety,
depression). The consequences of undiagnosed NVLD
can lead to years of socio emotional distress and social
isolation. Through an engaging case study, participants
will develop an understanding of NVLD, what it looks like
and recommended interventions.

Workshop Leader

Elizabeth Shoiry
Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist

Session 9: What do we really need to do?

This workshop will be led by experts Wendy Singer and Laura Malbogat. Singer and Laura Malbogat. Through a panel discussion with parents, special needs clients and experts, participants will learn first-hand what clients need to maintain their mental health and well-being. The panel will share their stories and experiences with a focus on what really needs to be done. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and ask questions.

Roundtable discussion with clients, parents and experts who will share their experiences and insights.

Session 10: 'Reimagine' Navigating the System with an Indigenous, Cultural Lens

In this workshop, participants will learn firsthand from an Indigenous cultural consultant how to best support Indigenous families, youth and children in care. Participants will have the opportunity to become more informed about resources available and how to access them. Additionally, participants will be provided information on Jordan’s Principle and Child First Initiative. Understanding the power dynamic that inherently exists and its impact will be explored.

Workshop Leader

Marla Newhook

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres (CIUSSS)

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