On Friday, January 12, the students of group eight of the Special Care Counselling program given through Champlain Saint-Lambert’s Continuing Education department celebrated their successful completion of the AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales).

This program trains students to intervene appropriately in order to help individuals of all ages who are experiencing difficulty adapting or fitting in socially. These students had just finished their 16-week internship and had presented during the previous days their work experience to their peers and to their teacher, Kristofer Brown.

“They were an amazing group to work with,” said Brown.

Most graduates of the group of 13 have already found a job or are in the process of accepting an offer. Amongst them, Sabrina Porco, a mother of two young children who decided to change career after over 20 years in the restaurant industry.

Porco is going back to the REACH School in Saint-Lambert where she did her internship, but this time, as a full-time counsellor.

“Graduates of the AEC program in Special Care Counselling could use their acquired skills to find employment in public agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Social Services,” explained Marlon Sanches, pedagogical counsellor for the program.

Some of the organizations that hire Special Care Counsellors are social service and rehabilitation centres; regular or specialized schools; group homes; youth homes; community organizations; home care centres; and hospitals.

Congratulations to all the graduates and to their dedicated teachers and best of luck in their new careers!

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