Adam’s PACE is a unique modified program of Riverside School Board and Champlain College Saint-Lambert. It is a post-secondary, community-based and inclusive program for young adults aged 18 to 21 with developmental disabilities. It has three major components: academics, preparation for employment and social skill development.

The students enrolled in the program benefit from many learning opportunities inside their classroom but also within the Champlain College community. They also take full advantage of daily campus life; joining clubs, activities, events, workshops and many more.

This program, while giving the students the chance to experience college life, aims to prepare each graduate for the independent pursuit of a successful life to the best of their ability.

Please join us on Open House night (April 11th) to learn more about this fabulous program!

For more information, communicate with Natalie Henri (teacher/coordinator) via email at or phone at 514 220-8463.