Champlain Saint-Lambert’s Nursing students racked up thousands of likes and views on TikTok last month, garnering more than a million views.

The video shows students at an information kiosk trying to convince their peers to give up vaping in exchange for a donut.

The kiosks were organized by the third-year Nursing students as part of their clinical rotation.

The students set up a number of kiosks on campus to display their projects and educate other students about healthy lifestyles.

The goal was to educate members of the student body about things like vaping, alcohol consumption and safe sex.

Paul Brisson, coordinator of the Nursing program at Champlain Saint-Lambert, created the TikTok account three weeks ago to promote the program to a younger audience.

He said with the success of this video and the anti-vaping kiosk, the students hope to take their projects to local high schools to keep educating teens about the risks associated with vaping.

Watch Global News Montreal’s TV report featuring interviews with students from the program and Nursing coordinator Paul Brisson.

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