Hundreds of students came together in the Champlain Saint-Lambert auditorium on Friday March 24 to take part in the fourth annual K-Pop Triple Crown Showcase.

All proceeds from the event were donated to the Lakeside Academy Arts Program totaling $2,478.

The event is an intercollegiate dance competition which celebrates the synchronized dancing styles made popular by Korean pop music groups like BTS and Blackpink. Students went all out with their choreography and costumes!
The competition was organized by the Champlain Code Dance Club.

The competition featured dances
performed by students from Champlain Saint-Lambert, Dawson, Heritage, Jean-de-Brébeuf, John Abbott, Marianopolis and Vanier.

Each college’s team presented a total of three K-Pop dance performances and were scored by a panel of judges!

Photos taken by student Camille Gonzalez.