Three projects from Champlain College Saint-Lambert were chosen as finalists in the Cegep category of the provincial Forces Avenir Awards this year.

The students representing the Mental Health Crew, the Diversity in Arts event and the Palestine Struggle Mission were invited to take part in live, online interviews which were live broadcast on the Forces Avenir website last May. The student representatives answered questions about the projects and their impact.

The Palestine Struggle Mission, represented by student Rama Al Malah, has been nominated in the Société, communications et éducation category. The Mental Health Crew, represented by student Marwa Hammani, was nominated in the category of Santé et saines habitudes de vie. The Diversity in Arts project, represented by student Mahé Rabesa, was nominated in the Arts, lettres et culture.

Winners will be announced during the gala on September 27.

About the projects:

“We believe that cultural events such as Diversity of Arts can also help to create a more dynamic and engaged community, by providing opportunities for collaboration and interaction between students. Indeed, not only do they offer entertainment and enriching experiences, they can also promote diversity, inclusion and intercultural understanding.” Participating in cultural events can help broaden horizons and connect with people and cultures different from our own. Not only does it allow us to share our passion for the arts, but it can also encourage creativity and innovation. Diversity of Arts, by bringing culture to campus, enables easier access for students and promotes intercultural understanding in the community.”

“The goal of the project is to educate the Champlain community about the Palestinian struggle using appropriate framing and language; to celebrate, commemorate, and promote our culture, heritage and historical events to the community; as well as developing our allyship with other oppressed communities, notably the Indigenous and Black communities through a joint struggle approach. Some internal goals were to provide a safe space and family-like group for Palestinians or Arabs who might feel underrepresented or secluded, while developping their own political understanding of the Palestinian cause.”

“The Mental Health Crew is a group of students who are interested in organizing and leading activities to promote mental health awareness, prevention and wellness among Champlain students. Students coordinate campaigns and events in order to raise awareness and share resources about mental health. It is meant to offer students opportunities to develop experience on issues related to mental health and working on a team with students with shared passions about mental health.”