Champlain is very proud to boast that a number of graduates have come back to the institution over the years to put their time, skills and energy into contributing to the college community.

The staff, faculty and professionals who attended Champlain and then returned to work at the college know firsthand what it’s like to be a student here. Their dedication to providing the best possible experience for Champlain Saint-Lambert students is a testament to their pride in the institution.

In honour of the College’s 50th anniversary this year, we are delighted to highlight a handful of employees who came forward to answer the following question: “I came back to work at Champlain because…”

Amer Rashid graduated in 2020 from the VR/AR Specialist Program. He now works as a Lecturer in that very program for the Continuing Education department.

In his own words:I came back to work at Champlain because I wanted to work with a group of talented, driven individuals – to train, inspire and guide them in an emerging medium which needs direction at this point in our time. Simultaneously, I know the process is symbiotic, and I will learn and grow myself – as an individual, occupying a place in society.”

Sophie Pouliot-Villeneuve a gradué de Champlain en 2016 après avoir terminé ses études dans l’option d’enseignement des sciences humaines. Elle enseigne maintenant au département de français.

Dans ses propres mots: Je suis revenue travailler à Champlain parce que j’ai aimé l’esprit de petite communauté de notre cégep. En effet, il y a une belle proximité entre le personnel enseignant et la communauté étudiante qu’on ne retrouve pas dans les plus gros établissements scolaires. Je suis aussi revenue travailler à Champlain parce que plusieurs d’ici ont marqué mon parcours académique et c’est grâce à ces gens passionnés que j’ai choisi d’enseigner le français langue seconde!”

Andrea Videtic graduated from Champlain with a DEC in Social Sciences in 1985. She’s been teaching in the Psychology Department for 15+ years.

In her own words: “I came back to Champlain because it’s where I first found out about and fell in love with the field of Psychology. How lucky I was to come full circle and be able to teach it here too. “

Muriel Harushamagara graduated from the Psychology option in 2012. She now works at Champlain Saint-Lambert as a Social Worker on the Student Services mental health team.

In her own words: “When I started as a student at Champlain, I was nervous with the idea of the unknown. Right away, I had support from my teachers and from other staff members that encouraged throughout this transition period. Through activities and involvement, I met friends that are still in my life today! When I had the opportunity to come back and work at Champlain, I was excited to be one of the resources on campus for students and to make their Cegep experience as rich and memorable as mine was!”

Nursing Teacher Emilie Gauthier graduated from Champlain Saint-Lambert’s Health Science Program in 2002.

In her own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because I loved it there! I always joked that if one day Champlain would get it own nursing program, I would apply because I really enjoyed my time at Champlain and teaching nursing has always been something of interest to me. When the opportunity arose, I jumped on it and never looked back. Working at Champlain feels like home.”

Vince Amato graduated from Champlain with a DEC in Social Sciences in 1992. He now works as the college’s athletic director.

In his own words: “While I was a student here between 1989 and 1992, I was lucky enough o make some friends who were involved with “The Sports Council,” that was mentored by Bob Lanctôt at the time. He introduced me the many different opportunities for a career in the sports and recreation field and sold me on the Leisure Sciences program at Concordia.

Flash forward a few years to the fall of 1997 and I’m back at Champlain doing field work hours for an adolescent recreation course and the timing couldn’t have been better. A Recreation Technician position opened up in Student Services and I landed the job. Started in January of 1998 and been here since, in various positions.

Why did I stay? I loved it as a student – great atmosphere, great people. Some of my best friends were made in these hallways. Champlain has always been like a family, and like all families, it comes with ups and downs, but for the most part, It’s always seemed to me that everyone genuinely cares for each other and what we’re trying to do here.”

Ynès-Cérine Abdellaoui graduated from Liberal Arts in 2013. She’s now working as an administrative agent at the Registrar’s Office.

In her own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because I remembered that I always loved the atmosphere when walking in the halls of the college. Some of my best school life memories belong within them. Though it has changed from what I once knew, it still remains as comforting as it was over 10 years ago.”

Jennifer Kurtz graduated from Champlain’s Commerce program in 1993. She’s now working as an administration technician in the Human Resources department.

In her own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because it was my alma mater, and I had heard that it was a great place to work. One of my children was also attending Champlain at the time that I was hired.”

Mark Wallace, the Dean of Continuing Education, is actually a double graduate of Champlain College. He obtained a DEC in Health Sciences in 1995 and completed the Information Technology Professional (ITP) Program (through Continuing Education) in 2000.

In his own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because the College reached out to me while I was working in the IT field and asked me to provide some input on a new program they were developing.  That contact with the College while I was working, reminded me of the great memories I had while completing both my DEC and then later coming back to complete an IT career program.  When I heard a few months after that a position at the College was going to be available that could make use of the skills I had acquired both inside and outside of Champlain, I jumped and the chance. Almost 20 years later, I am still here, in charge of the very department I was so thrilled to have graduated from.  I now get a chance to help other future graduates find their own path, some of which I hope will one day make their way back to Champlain.”

Tracy McDougall graduated from Tourism Management in 2007. She’s now working in that very department.

In her own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because… Champlain feels like family.”

Jennifer Kanerahtoronkwas Paul graduated from the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management program in 2018. She’s now working at Champlain as the Indigenous Student Life Counsellor for Student Services.

In her own words: “I came back to Champlain because I found my passion here as a student. I quickly learned that I felt the best when I was helping others while also proudly representing the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) Nation. I am now able to help Indigenous students to ensure they’re not only successful academically but feel as if they belong within the Champlain Community. After graduation, I was frequently describing how supportive and valuable all of my Champlain relationships impacted my life, and it is my hope for students to share the same, welcoming and caring experience that I once had.”

Jessica Wylie is the Operations Manager for Continuing Education. She graduated from Champlain’s Creative Arts programs in 1995.

In her own words: “I loved being a student at Champlain, I really enjoyed my college experience and the friends I made here are still people in my life to this day.  I moved to the south shore at the start of high school and have remained a resident of the area ever since. I came back to work at Champlain to be a part of the legacy that this school has within the community and to help bring the positive experience I had as a student to the present and future students at this school.  I was excited to find a position within the college that matched my skill set and that allowed me to return and to continue to grow my career.”

Emma Rose Garner graduated from the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program in 2021. She’s now working as an administration technician in the Registrar’s office.

In her own words: “I came back to work at Champlain because I enjoyed the atmosphere and the student life of the college. It was always a comfortable place for me to learn and study. I was curious to see how it would change since I was last present in the college. I am glad to be just as welcomed as I was 5 years ago.”

Jane LeBrun is a professor of Sociology, and co-coordinator of the Anthropology and Sociology department at Champlain. She graduated from the Social Science program in 1990.

In her own words:  “I came back to work at Champlain because…., well, for so many reasons!  I first fell in love with Sociology when I was a student at Champlain College.  It was also at that time that I came to realize the huge impact a teacher can have on the life and future career of a student in his/her/their late teens and early twenties.  Having had many different professional experiences and indeed careers, I decided to return to my roots in Sociology at Champlain and see if I could make a difference in my students’ perceptions of the world, the same way my teachers at Champlain college did for me.”

Brigitte Malard worked for 33 years as Tourism teacher and retired in January 2022. Malard graduated from Champlain’s Social Science program in 1975.

In her own words: “Living a few blocks from the College, I often walked by visualizing myself teaching there. My College years at Champlain were the best. The small size, only one building (the A block), together with the welcoming ambiance, great and caring teachers who had a passion for their subjects made my college studies in social science a great life experience. I wanted to do the same for my future students.

So in January 1988 (and 8 months pregnant), I began my teaching career in Continuing Education in Tourism at Champlain. As I really loved teaching, I returned one week after giving birth to complete my course with my students. This sacrifice enabled me to enter the full-time day Tourism program in the fall of 1988, a decision I never regretted.

I remained  in the Tourism Program 33 years till my retirement in January 2022. Champlain College has always been my second home.”

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