Hundreds of students, faculty and staff members joined together on April 8 to observe the eclipse from the Champlain campus.

The College provided 1,000 pairs of eclipse glasses so the participants could safely watch the progression of the solar eclipse.

Science teachers also set up telescopes with special lenses so everyone could get a close-up view of the special event.

For many, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event and cheers went up as members of the college community observed the moment of totality together.

Teacher Remi Poirier gave a presentation in advance of the event to educate participants about the science behind the eclipse.

He was also able to capture some incredible photos of the phenomenon.

“I think the eclipse was a huge success at Champlain,” said Poirier. “It was certainly highly anticipated, as we were talking about this event in our astronomy and astrophysics course for the last decade! We were very fortunate to have clear skies and warm temperature for this event; everything played a positive role in making the event a success.”
“It was really fun to setup the telescope with the help of Amir Hassanpoor, our lab attendant, and to answer the questions of everyone who came to see the Sun in high magnification. For most of us it will be the last time we get to experience a total eclipse, and I loved that Champlain was able to provide an environment where people could experience it, discuss it, and share their experience with a community.”

“For me personally, it was amazing. Even though I was aware of all the theory, and I had seen a partial eclipse before, I was very impressed by the total eclipse,” added Poirier.

“I was also fortunate to share this experience with friends, students and colleagues,” he said. “Everyone felt connected to the world, and to others in that moment. We will long remember this eclipse!”