At the Forces Avenir awards gala in Quebec City on Wednesday night, Champlain students were nominated in four out of 11 categories.

Two finalists from Champlain Saint-Lambert went on to win awards during the course of the night, securing prize money in the form of bursaries.

Congratulations to the Black Lives Allyship Mission (BLAM) and 2022 graduate Celeste Trianon who both took home Forces Avenir awards. Celeste was nominated in the individual category of Persevering Student.

During her time at Champlain, Celeste was an outspoken activist for gender issues and Trans rights.

The BLAM team, represented by members from this year and last, took home the Forces Avenir award in the category of Society, Communication and Education.

The BLAM group has been a prominent voice on campus for antiracism and has organized a series of events facilitating open and frank discussions about racial issues.

As part of the gala, students gave interviews and spoke eloquently about the significance of their projects. The event was also livestreamed on social media.

Forces Avenir is a provincial program that aims to recognize, honour and promote student engagement in projects that contribute to the development of conscious, responsible, active and persevering citizens who are both rooted in their community and open to the world.

Congratulations are also in order for the Champlain Relay for Life group which was nominated in the Health and Healthy Lifestyle category. Last year, the Relay for Life group was able to raise nearly $14,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The student organizers behind the KPOP Triple Crown Showcase were also finalists in the Arts, Letters and Culture category.

The annual Triple Crown Showcase brings together participants from other anglophone Cegeps in the Montreal area to compete in a KPOP-themed dance competition.

Each of the nominated projects are a stellar example of student leadership and engagement and Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud to see its students compete at this provincial level alongside finalists from across the province.