The IPESL Committee is proud to launch the digital version of Saint-Lambert’s new Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Learning. The IPESL is now a dynamic, accessible document available here:

The goal of this dynamic document is to make it more accessible to all members of the Champlain community, particularly those who browse primarily on mobile and the site has been optimized for mobile web browsing. Throughout the coming months, we will be integrating in-text icons which point to additional resources and support materials which will accompany the policy.

The page meets the governmental requirements for online accessibility and includes the option to increase font size, adjust brightness and contrast and convert links, background and text for easy readability.

The dynamic sidebar table of contents allows users to easily navigate to the section of the document they want to consult and the in-text hover definitions create a seamless user experience when looking for glossary terms.

The search bar allows users to find keywords highlighted within the document while the HTML glossary includes links to cited sources and articles. The option also remains to download the PDF version of the policy for those who prefer to view the text that way.

Thank you to the members of the IPESL Committee for their hard work and dedication.

  • Dianne Bateman
  • Zacy Benner
  • Nadine Korte
  • Priscila Castillo-Ruiz
  • Susan Martin Kaller
  • Richard Harmer
  • Samantha Morley
  • Anthony Singelis
  • Alex Borja
  • Dean Howie
  • Mark Wallace
  • Valentine Nneji (Champlain Student Association)