Champlain College Saint-Lambert is proud to announce that three projects and one individual have been selected as provincial finalists for the Forces Avenir awards!

The Forces Avenir awards recognize “student involvement in projects that contribute to the formation of conscious, responsible, active and persevering citizens, both rooted in their community and open to the world.”

On top of the individuals and projects that were recognized at the local level during Champlain’s Student Life Engagment Gala last month, several nominees from Champlain were invited to participate in live selection interviews with a committee of judges.

This month, Forces Avenir announced that Relay for Life, Black Lives Allyship Mission (BLAM) and the Intercollegiate KPOP Triple Crown Showcase were chosen as project finalists.

In addition, Champlain student Celeste Trianon was selected as a finalist in the individual category as a Persevering Student.

As a trans rights advocate and public educator with the Center for Gender Advocacy in Montreal, Celeste Trianon has made headlines for speaking out against Bill 2 and fighting for trans rights in Quebec.

“Celeste’s work transcends the Champlain community – she has worked with community groups and politicians to make real changes to Quebec’s legal system. And she did most of this before she was even 18,” said English teacher Amanda Perry, who nominated Celeste Trianon for the award.

“I’m excited to see what she goes on to accomplish. I’m endlessly impressed by her.”

Each of the nominated projects are a stellar example of student leadership and engagement and Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud to see its students compete at this provincial level alongside finalists from across the province.

The Forces Avenir finalists will attend the Gala Forces Avenir 2022, to be held in Quebec City on September 28. Each finalist project will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and the winner receives a $2,000 scholarship.


To view a list of local Forces Avenir award recipients, click here

Celeste Trianon poses with a Trans pride flag.