On June 9, Champlain Saint-Lambert celebrated the graduating students from Day Division with a series of four ceremonies held throughout the day.

Awards were given out to highlight the highest academic achievements of the class as well as excellence in community engagement, commitment to athletics, creativity and social justice.

Ojasvi Sharma was given the Academic Medal of the Governor General of Canada and the Champlain Regional College Board of Governors Merit Award.

He was also the recipient of the Physics Prize, the Prix D’Excellence en Français, the Robert Lemay Humanities Award and the Chemistry Prize.

Ojasvi Sharma at graduation.

Celeste Trianon was given the Champlain College Saint-Lambert Governing Board Award for having the second highest average in the graduating class.

She also won the Champlain College Teachers Association Award, the Social Science Program Prize for the Commerce Option and received two Millenium Certificates of Merit for studies in Democracy and Social Movements and for Gender Studies.

We are so proud of our graduates!

Celeste Trianon at graduation.