Starting in Fall 2023, Champlain College Saint-Lambert will be rolling out a new revamped Social Science Program.

The College’s Governing Board passed the revision during a meeting in January 2023.

The aim of the ministry mandated revision is to make the program more responsive to a social science approach by creating a curriculum that allows students to study a much larger range of subjects while retaining the core aims of studying human behavior and society at a variety of levels.

In the new program, students will develop well-rounded general knowledge of a wide range of subjects and with mastery of a range of transferable skills.

The Social Science program is the largest in the Cégep network in terms of the number of students enrolled. It is also the College’s largest program in terms of enrollment and diplomas conferred.

The program was last revised in 2001. The local implementation has since remained largely unchanged with the exception of the addition of the Criminology option in 2004.

Psychology teacher Valerie Hadd said that the outcome is really student-
centered and something the college can be proud of.

“Even though the program was successful, we did not shy away from revisiting the profiles to make them even more atrractive and to keep up with today’s reality,” she said.

Hadd said that the revision process was rooted in a collaborative approach and that “students’ and faculty members’ perspectives were considered.”

She added that she’s excited to see what the next cohort of students will think of the changes starting in the fall.

Find below an overview of changes which will come into effect in the Fall 2023 term.

The revision was completed at Champlain Saint-Lambert in consultation with the faculty in the Social Science department and their valuable input helped develop a program the college is proud to launch next Fall.

The Program Committee included all faculty teaching in the program along
with individuals who support the program, including professionals and administrators. The revision team collected student feedback,
and data from other groups such as administrators, academic advisors, and faculty teaching in the program.

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