In honour of the college’s 50th anniversary, Samantha Wojciechowicz was commissioned to create a custom piece of art representing Champlain Saint-Lambert.

Samantha is an artist based in Brossard who creates unique art pieces using diverse materials instead of paint brushes. She has used microphones, soccer balls, hockey sticks and (for this project) school supplies, to apply the paint to her canvas, making her work truly one-of-a-kind.

Samantha first starting working with the college in Fall 2022 when she created a custom art piece in honour of the Women’s Soccer National Championships hosted at Champlain Saint-Lambert.

After presenting her incredible work, Samantha joined the Saint-Lambert team coming to the college several days a week hosting art therapy sessions for students.

For this painting, unveiled on Friday May 12, Samantha was able to capture an emblematic scene of students hanging out outside the college, using materials like staplers, rulers, pencils and other things that can be found in a student’s pencil case.

Her beautiful art piece was unveiled during the employee 50th anniversary event and will hang in the college prominently displayed for all to see!

Watch A Time Lapse of Artist Samantha Wojciechowicz Creating the Custom Piece.