A new role has been created within the Student Services team this year for a full-time support person dedicated to Indigenous students.

Jennifer Paul, a Champlain Saint-Lambert graduate who was a founding member of the Indigenous Student Ambassadors group when she was a student will be taking on the role.

“It’s really a full circle moment for me and I can’t believe I’ve found myself back at Champlain,” she said.

“I’m super excited to be returning to the College and I can’t wait to meet all the students,” Paul added.

Growing up on the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Jennifer Kanerahtoronkwas Paul was surrounded by community orientation and leadership.

In the new role, she will focus on Indigenization, cultural awareness and student support. She will also be working with staff and faculty to expand the connections between the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) Nation and move the college towards a greater sense of community and reconciliation.

Paul said the position opening up at the College was “perfect timing” as she had just finished her undergraduate degree at Bishop’s University.

She graduated with a BA in Management & Sociology with a concentration in family, health & community.

This year, Champlain has a record number of Indigenous students enrolled and Paul will be there to support them on their path through Cegep.

“My role will be to support Indigenous students not only through their educational journey, but personally and professionally,” said Paul.

“I know when I was a student that was what I wanted and needed. I’m really excited that Champlain has a dedicated position now.”

The new support position was created thanks to funding Champlain Saint-Lambert received from the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education.

For now, the position is guaranteed for one year with the possibility of being renewed depending on future funding from the province.

Champlain’s Indigenous Student Ambassadors were founded in 2016 to provide Indigenous students with peer support, mentorship, leadership, and advocacy opportunities.