The organizers of the provincial Forces Avenir awards have selected the Green Team and Queer History Workshops to move on to the next phase of the provincial Forces Avenir awards by participating in online selection interviews.

The students representing those projects, Clara Montreuil (Green Team) and Daniel Hernandez Villavicencio (Queer History Workshops) will speak with a panel from Forces Avenir about the impact of their projects. If they are selected as provincial finalists, they will attend an awards gala in Quebec City next Fall.

The selection interviews will be livestreamed and anyone can tune in to watch and support the nominees from Champlain.

Clara from the Green Team will participate in the selection interview on May 22 at 11:45AM. Daniel from the Queer History Workshops will do the interview on May 24 at noon.

The Forces Avenir awards are an opportunity to highlight the engagement and contributions of students at the high school, college and university level across the province.

Last year, three projects from Champlain College Saint-Lambert were chosen as finalists in the Cegep category of the provincial Forces Avenir Awards. The Diversity of Arts group took home the trophy in the category of Arts, Letters and Culture.