On Friday, April 21 the annual Student Recognition Gala celebrated the achievements and contributions of students involved in campus life at Champlain Saint-Lambert.

The event was an opportunity to look back on all the hard work of student leaders, club members, and event organizers who helped create spaces where students could come together and create community, work toward their goals, raise money, express themselves and give back.

Community Builder Awards were handed out to FLIP, Trifecta, Black Lives Allyship Mission, Multicultural Crew and Born This Way clubs. Innovation of the Year Awards were given to Adam’s PACE, Mental Health Crew, MCC, BLAM, Shine Theatre Club and the CSA executive.

The Indigenous Student Ambassadors took home the Outstanding Contribution Award alongside Relay For Life, CODE#, CCMUN and students Allexxa Diab and Nithya Mahasenan.

The Student Leader Award of Distinction was given to CSA President Rafin Islam Khan and BLAM member Evena Rose Morency.

At the gala, local winners of the Forces Avenir Awards were announced. Student Mahe Rabesa won two Forces Avenir awards, one in the category of committed student and the other for her involvement in the Diversity in Arts event.

Other groups recognized by Forces Avenir include the ISA, Green Team, Mental Health Crew and the Palestine Struggle Mission.

Teacher Amanda Perry was given the award for engaged staff member in honour of her work with the millennium certificate program.

Student Marie-Eve Paul-Parenteau won the FA award for persevering student. Congrats to all!