Two students in the nursing program did a phenomenal job this year of balancing academics and sports, showing dedication in the pursuit of their studies while playing varsity sports for the Champlain Cavaliers.

Elliot Levasseur, a second-year nursing student, plays on the Champlain Football team and manages a busy schedule of practice, coursework and clinicals. Daniella Escobar, a second-year nursing student, plays on the varsity flag football team and has found ways to excel on the field and in the nursing program.

For Daniella Escobar, nursing was always a first choice: “I just like to help people. I think nursing is pretty cool,” she said.

Escobar has always been interested in the sciences and, having played flag football in high school, came to Cegep wanting to pursue both her passions.

She says that having a good balance and a set schedule for studying, personal life, sports and work goes a long way in making her schedule manageable.

“I think at the end of the day, it is going to be okay as long as you learn how to manage your time,” she said.

For Elliot Levasseur, his passion for nursing was discovered after his first year in Pure and Applied Science, when he realized he wanted a career with more opportunities to interact with people.

“I love having a more hands-on job.”

Levasseur said sports have driven his will to continue his studies and allowed him to stay focused on continuing his studies in nursing.

“The reason I am actually in Cegep is because of sports. Sports have always helped me through school. So having both sports and nursing really helps me,” he said.

Levasseur added that what he’s learned in the nursing program has allowed him to better understand his own body when it comes to injuries, physiotherapy and workouts.

He also has teammates who approach him for advice or recommendations based on his knowledge of this human body and its mechanics.