The annual Student Engagement Gala is held each year to highlight the achievements and impact of involved students who contribute to a vibrant and active student life at the college.

This year, the Indigenous Student Ambassadors (ISA), Multicultural Crew (MCC), Black Lives Allyship Mission (BLAM), First-year Leadership Integration Program (FLIP) and Shine theatre club were named Community Builders of the Year.

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated the ability to build community through initiatives or projects on campus and those who are committed to making a difference at the College.

The Outstanding Contribution of the Year award was given to ISA member Miles Horn and FLIP member Marie-Ève Paul-Parenteau.

This award recognizes students whose engagement has significantly enhanced the student experience through their participation or involvement. Each recipient has dedicated a significant amount of effort and energy towards bettering the student experience through involvement in the College’s community activities.

The award for Innovation of the Year was given to the organizers of the new Chemistry Club (Angelina Lapalme) and the students who put together the AFCON (African Cup of Nations) event, Marlyne Tchassem Loudjom and Jennifer Dutton.

This award recognizes a project, activity, event or idea that is new to the College in the area of student life and has contributed to influencing the student experience.

The Student Leader Award of Distinction recognizes a student leader or a group of student leaders who exemplifies outstanding leadership characteristics, not only demonstrating commitment to their academic pursuits, but also a strong commitment to the College community.

The award was given to Teioniehtàthe Eli Hamelin (ISA) and the members of Born this Way and the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

The First Year Achievement Award recognizes first year students that showcase outstanding contribution to the Champlain College community. The recipients of this award demonstrated remarkable commitment, and have had a positive impact on their peers as being a newcomer to the college’s community.

The recipients were:
Ihsaan Ahmed
Dario Delayani
Emmanuelle Rekha Kaldjob
Ekaterina Volokhova
Hsiao Yu Yu (Angela)

Congrats to all the winners on their incredible contributions.