Champlain Saint-Lambert students Aurélie Champagne and Clara Montreuil received the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal during a ceremony on May 11.

The commendation recognizes sustained volunteer involvement or an inspiring and determined attitude with a positive influence on society.

The recipients of the Youth Medal have demonstrated an exemplary sustained voluntary action at the community and social levels or have showed an inspiring attitude, a positive influence inside a group or community.

Aurélie Champagne is an active member of the FLIP team, leads the Volunteer Crew and is the Community Involvement Officer for the Champlain Student Association.

She participated in leading projects to build a sense of community at the college such as Thrift Shop, Haunted House, Night on Campus and spends time volunteering with students from the Adam’s P.A.C.E. program.

Clara Montreuil has been very involved in sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives during her time at Champlain, working on projects such as the creation of a permaculture garden on campus and revitalizing the college’s community garden.

Montreuil and the Champlain Green Team were also recognized in the local Forces Avenir awards two years running and are semifinalists in the provincial Forces Avenir awards this year.

“Champlain College Saint-Lambert has been very fortunate to have had Clara and Aurélie as members of our college community,” said Dean Howie, director of Student Services.

“As students, they have both reached for excellence in the classroom and have been engaged outside of the classroom in numerous projects, activities and as part of our student iLead community. Their involvement has undoubtedly strengthened the student experience.”