Three Champlain students participated in the Vanier College National Marketing Case Competition in March, with Ella Stott taking home the Julia Ferreira Public Speaking Excellence Award, an individual award given to the best three presenters from the event.

During the event, 24 teams of students from colleges across Canada had three hours to analyze a real marketing case and present viable marketing solutions before a panel of expert judges. The team was made up of Ella Stott, Zoe Grenier and Charline Delaney.

“Participating in the Vanier College Business Case Competition was an unforgettable journey of growth, teamwork, and achievement for myself and my team. Despite not winning, the experience transformed us into more confident and adept presenters,” said Stott.

“This remarkable journey was shared with two incredible women, my teammates for the past three years. Throughout our program, we’ve honed our skills in business, learning to leverage each other’s strengths, which has not only improved our collaboration but also deepened our bond. The competition was more than an academic challenge; it was a celebration of our dedication and teamwork.”

Teacher Thomas Hormaza and Ann Lockquell, a volunteer entrepreneurship coach who helps out regularly in Incubator 2 Class, supported the initiative and served as coaches for the Case Competition, spending months preparing the students for the event.

“They all did us proud,” said Hormaza. “Champlain made a lasting and genuine impression in the Canadian College landscape.”

Teachers Ahmed Hegazy and Tariq Nizami came out to support the students and cheer them on at the event. Hormaza said that Paul Mirshak, Isabelle Lanno and Morris Nassi also provided invaluable contributions to support the student team.

“I would be remiss if I did not extend my deepest gratitude to all the teachers who have guided us over the past three years, shaping us into the professionals we are today.” said Stott. “Their wisdom and support have been pivotal in our development. Thank you for believing in us, for pushing us to our limits, and for being our guiding lights through this transformative experience.”

Stott said that receiving the public speaking award was a personal highlight.

“This accolade was particularly meaningful to me, as it underscored my aspirations as a future business owner. It wasn’t just an acknowledgment of my ability to communicate effectively, but a recognition of my dedication to leadership, innovation, and mentorship. Winning this award has reaffirmed my commitment to excelling in these areas, serving as a beacon for my entrepreneurial journey,” she said.