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Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud of the success of its students in the world of work. We would like you to know that our graduates and students are available for different types of employment. Following are examples of the several ways in which our students traditionally participate in the work force. This page is designed to allow you to research our technical programs for your specific needs, and also to allow you to post job offers for full time, part time or Work Study/Stages positions that you may have available and would like to advertise.

Hiring a Technical Program Graduate

Employers can post full time job offers on our free and confidential Employment Centre. You can limit your job offer to students in a specific college program, or you can offer it to all students. Students who post their Curriculum Vitae on the same site will then be notified automatically of your job offer. Following is a list of our Diploma (D.E.C.) and Certificate (A.E.C.) programs.

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D.E.C. Programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Nursing
  • Sport Marketing & Management
  • Tourism Management

A.E.C. Programs:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (LEA.21)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional – Routing and Switching (AEC – LEA.CS)
    N.B. – This program also has a Work Study/Stage component (see below).
  • Event and Conference Planning and Coordination Specialist (AEC LCL.3C)
    N.B. – This program also has a Work Study/Stage component (see below).
  • Specialist in Transportation & Logistics (AEC – LCA.CB)
  • N.B. – This program also has a Work Study/Stage component (see below).
  • Residential Real Estate Brokerage (AEC – EEC.1Y)
    N.B. – This program also has a Work Study/Stage component (see below).
  • Special Care Counselling
    N.B. – This program also has a Work Study/Stage component (see below).

Work Study/Stages/Volunteering

All of our three-year D.E.C. programs and four of our A.E.C. Certificate programs listed above have a work study component. Should you choose to place one of our graduating students in your organization on a cost free basis for several months, you would benefit from the fresh perspective of recently trained technical students.

Part-time and Summer Employment

Many students are also looking for full and part-time summer positions. We encourage all employers to post summer jobs on the site as well. Employers who require temporary, full and part-time summer employees will benefit from posting these jobs on our free and confidential Student Employment site.

Other Partnerships with Business and Industry

Advisory Boards

All of our three-year professional D.E.C. programs have advisory boards made up of stakeholders who give their time (generally a few hours per semester) to help shape the ever-evolving curriculum. Our advisory boards are critical to the success of our programs. Having an independent body of community leaders, parents, and other interested community members is key to keeping our programs up to date as well as, providing programs with a fresh perspective on programmatic issues. Advisory Board members are needed in Advertising Management, Sport Marketing & Management, Tourism Management, Computer Science and Graphic Communications.

Industry Mentors

Our mentoring program matches current Champlain Saint-Lambert students with alumni and industry mentors to allow students to gain insightful guidance and assistance with their career paths. Mentees are normally partnered with mentors from their field of study or areas of interest specifically to develop a reciprocal relationship of learning and development. Mentors are needed in all our programs.

Business & Industry through Continuing Education

Corporate Services, our customized training division, offers a variety of training options to best suit your needs.

What ultimately makes your business different from your competitors is the competency of your employees. A knowledgeable and efficient staff will initiate effective and innovative work ethics that will help you gain and maintain a competitive edge in your market. Champlain College’s Corporate Services can be your strategic partner in successfully reaching your objectives.

Our classrooms provide hands-on training in computer software, networking, web design, programming, multimedia and other applications. In addition, we offer Management and Business courses as well as language instruction in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Our training labs simulate a realistic working environment for Call Centre Training, Customer Service and Help Desk.

Champlain College offers courses specially designed to respond to your training needs which can be given at your work place or at the College.  For more info call 450-672-7364.

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